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Our creations represent Italian artisan excellence, shaped by the talent of our designers from the best ateliers in Milan. An art that finds its maximum expression in the international production center of Vicenza. Worked with care and passion, each Trilli jewel is a design masterpiece that combines elegance and sustainability. We only use the highest quality materials, natural 925 silver or gold and rose gold plated (with a thickness of 1 to 2 microns to ensure maximum durability and resistance). The gems, carefully selected from the best zircons and freshwater pearls, are the flagship of our collection. We are committed to protecting the environment, using recycled materials to reduce the impact of new extractions. Each creation is the result of a sustainable philosophy and a passion for beauty, the shapes and details are studied down to the smallest detail to capture and reflect the light, so that it can naturally illuminate the wearer.


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